10/20 - welcome to toneczar effects
should you need anything, email  
text or call

10/20 - multi-pedal discount:
buy one in-stock pedal at the normal price
and receive $75.00 off each additional pedal
purchased at the same time

in stock, ready to purchase now, no wait:
1) echoczar xv (black) w/4 Xvive MN3005's
1) angelbaby (black)
1) angel chorus (black) w/3 NOS Panasonic BBD's
1) dove (black)
1) openhaus (black)
1) vault fuzz (black)
1) OTP fuzz (black)
1) halophaze (black)
1) powerglide (black-mono)
1) powerglide (black-stereo)
1) VFM (black)
all other products are available
build-to-order - 2 weeks black
8 weeks polished

1/19 - introducing the OTP Fuzz
paying homage to the classic BMP
while correcting its issues and taking the design
to the next level (pics in my IG gallery)
Featuring high-gain NPN Germanium transistors
3 Gain Modes, 4 band active EQ
18v operation, very low noise
395.00 black, 495.00 polished

12/18 - the build-to-order format is in place
(replacing the out-of-date wait-list format)

10/18 - echoczar quad (click for info)   
echoczar quad #10 (the last one)
has been auctioned. 
the xv option for the standard echoczar
is available to anyone wanting a new echoczar.
please email me if you have questions
or for more info.

9/18 - It is time to do something new.
For 2019 (my 15th year) I'm going
to switch to a build-to-order format, with a
2-week turnaround for black box orders
and an 8-week turnaround for polished box orders.
I doubt the wait-lists are still necessary,
as so many things have changed in the music
industry and the competition is fierce. 
Please email if you need more info
or have questions. 

1/17 - toneczar effects has moved.
after 9 years in Anza CA,
my wife and I have returned
to the Coachella Valley.

7/15 - toneczar effects is now on instagram
check it out by searching toneczareffects
or click on this link:

in addition to the standard EB-based
toneczar expression pedal
a Moog version is available $175
these will NOT work with toneczar products


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