About toneczar effects

I started toneczar effects in 2004
it is still a one man operation today
I have designed all the products offered
there are no clones here
I build, scope-tune, test, package and ship
every single toneczar product myself
since I have total control from start to finish
you can have confidence that
no mistakes are shipped 
my shop is located in Indio California USA

Does toneczar effects have any dealers?

I currently have one dealer (Lark Guitars)
but I prefer to deal with customers directly 
as a one-man shop, I’m not able to produce
products in enough volume to satisfy
a multi-dealer network 

Does toneczar effects offer discounts
or endorsements?

no. I’m sorry

Does toneczar effects offer trial periods?

no. but, if you must try something out
you need to be willing to come to my shop
with your guitar and amp  
please call (or email) to set this up

Does toneczar effects offer refunds?

no. however, if a customer’s expectations
are not met and the issue can be defined
I’m willing to custom tune/modify the product
to better suit the customer’s needs 
shipping both ways is paid for by the customer

Do toneczar products have a warranty?

each toneczar product is warrantied for life
on materials and workmanship
with the following exceptions - 30 days on:

1) foot switches
2) toggle switches
3) LEDs
4) knobs/pots

these external components can be subject
to abuse, and I want to encourage care
and respect of toneczar products
if it is really a quality/defect issue
it will happen inside of 30 days
(so - don't worry, you'll be covered)

in warranty cases, you pay for shipping to me
I'll pay return shipping


Special Thanks to:
Stuart and Spencer Smith

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