released in 2004, the echoczar
was the first analog BBD delay
with over one second of delay time
featuring two independent delay time and
mix settings, foot-switchable self-oscillation,
stereo output, and two separate expression
pedal jacks for delay time and repeats

$725.00 - standard black box
$875.00 - polished box

(click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture)

instruction docs (PDF)

echoczar quickstart
echoczar features and specs
echoczar hearing multi-head

EARLY dual-mix: instruction diagram   |    features and specs
EARLY single-mix: instruction diagram   |   features and specs

video (recorded july '05)

clip01 echoczar and fuzz
clip02 echoczar and fuzz
clip03 echoczar and fuzz
clip04 clean
clip05 clean dotted 8th
clip06 expression pedal

echoczar 1 - clean kick in long stereo delay
echoczar 2 - distortion kick in stereo delay

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